Starsplash - Vittel
Ruthless & Vorwerk - Splendid
Relic - Pump Up The Volume
Flytox - Game Over (I Don't Know Mix)
Dj Coone - Life Is Complex
Gj Warez - The Mix
Dj Stone - Bass Generator
Izen Tit - Peaches
Noise Provider - Arret Final
Flytox - Invisible
Dj Ze Mig. L. - Drunk Chicken
Dj Ruthless - Multiball
Binum - Mekanik
Gangs Of L.A. - Metamorphose (Karl F Remix)
Ruthless & Vorwerk - Beatfucker
Urban - You Feel Me? (Reese Urban Mix)
Bam Bam Ft. Alex Peace - Jackin Bass
Antonio & Cristiano - The House Of Louis
R&V Vs Lny-Tnz - All The Ho's
Mark V & Poogie Bear - Feel Da Beat
Mark V - Bring It On
Binum - Chapter 2 (Chicago Zone Remix)
Tom Food - Labo 001
E-Max, Dp & The Playboyz - Joke It
Chicago Zone Vs Dj Fox - Virus Inside
Greg C - Party People
Alex Giminez - Remote Control
Da Hustlerz - Just Can't Stop
Da Goodfellaz - Da Gaan We Weer
The Pitcher - Grindin
Dj Distortion & Mc R.A.W. Vs Bass D & King Matthew - Raveworld

Intro – Complex Cave Island
Coone – Life is Complex
SL Technicians – Underground
Hypnose – Secret Code
Bjorn Smith feat. T-Nikko – Bass Bass
Megamix: Loona -TSBG / Oxley - A-One (by Lethal MG)
Q-ic & Ghost – LSD
Mark V & Poogie Bear – Buzzin’ (Ronald-V & E-Max remix)
Rudy Sunders – Pump up my Pussy
Bad Boyz – Play that Vibe (Coone remix)
Binum – The Message (Lethal MG)
Dark-E – Cold Fever
Candyman – My Beat
Gang From L.A. – Metamorphose (Karl F remix)
Coone – Cracked
Lethal MG – Let yourself Go
Mad Traxx – In the Future
E-Max., DP & The Playboyz – Joke It
DJ Basik – Kingpin
Chicago Zone – Manga Party (dj Mystery remix)
The Bad People – Rex
EqMndz – Max-I-Mum L.u.v.
Coone & Ghost – Pitch Up (Coone’s 39 degrees fever remix)
Promo – I Come Correct (Da Hard Bangers feat. E-Max remix)
DJ Seb B – Elektronik Pleasure (Karl F remix)
DJ Massiv vs. The Rebel – Like This
Unknown Analoq – Blackout

Cherrymoon Traxx - Acid Dream

Dj Coone - The Return

The Dreamteam - Thunderball

Dj Mystery - Punani

Greg C - You

Furious Trax - The Dentist

Lethal MG - Pandemonium

Dj Tony - Squelch

Carunia - This is not a lovesong

Dj Furax - Big Orgus

Dj Marcky - I love p*ssy

Dj Furax - Supersaw

Dj Furax vs. Redshark - Clubbing to Death

Dj Coone - Go Charlie

Dj Tristan & Neostar - All Heart

Furious Traxx - Burn the Baby's

Totalition - Eragnics

Dj Ruthless - Cyrus Part 2

Lethal MG - Going Wilder

Dj Coone - Fightclub

Dj Gio - Gods of Hell (Totalition)

Dj Marcky - Don't Go(Pat B Remix)

Dj Marcky - Streettalk

Dj Massiv Vs. The Rebel - Like This

Dj Greg C. - Drumline

Marlon S. Vs. Dj Mars - Freaking Out

The Candyman - My Beat

Carunia - If you wanna dance

Vorwerk - Vietnam

Low Driver - Baglady

The Candyman - My Beat

Dj Coone - Love

Totalition - Muztylon

Oxley - My life is Jumping

Dj Gio - The Never ending Dream

Bassdrum Project - Phunkee newstyle version

Nikoel - Outside

Dj Norman Vs. D'Carrera - Ragga Style

Totalition - The Rythem

Dj Gio - Whispered Out

Tek Soldierz - Latino Bitch

Showtek - Puta Madre

The Candyman - Fun Tonight

Partycrasher - The Jumper

Lethal MG - 13 in a dozen

Lethal MG - tinklebells

Lethal MG - Going Wild

Jeckyll & Hide - Frozen Flame

Ixxel - Drop that Beat

Dj Ruthless - Knock out

Dj Greg C - Drumline

Dj Dark E - One(jump)

Dj Dark E - Hypnotical Summer

Dj Felix Project - I like you

Dj Felix Project vs Ixxel - Drop that Floor

DJ Fox ft. Chicago Zone - Again's A Melody

DJ Fox ft. Chicago Zone - Just A Melody

DJ Fox ft. Chicago Zone - Final Melody